Founded in 2020 during the most unprecedented of circumstances, Pineappl Digital began with a desire to create stunning and engaging media experiences that create impact.

We believe the medium of digital photography and videography is the future of marketing and the time is now to begin building your brand using this amazing outlet, and we want to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

But, digital media isn’t just for business, it can also be used to capture and preserve memories. Everyone remembers the days of gathering together to take family photos on holidays, or reminiscing on your special day by reliving those amazing moments though video. We are here to give you those experiences.

Photography and film are for everyone. It touches our lives forever and allows us to experience things we never thought possible. At Pineappl Digital, we pride ourselves on providing personalized digital media for all of our clients!

Meet our team

Matthew Wietecha


Matthew has been working in the production industry for over 10 years. He started off as a volunteer at his local church in Illinois operating robo cameras and running a video switcher for their bi-weekly services.

After a couple of years, his family began attending a new church where he was invited to join the production team. As he gained experience, he became an integral part of the team eventually becoming the technical director for the weekly services where he was in charge of editing videos and creating various forms of live content.

In 2017, Matthew moved from Illinois to Texas to pursue his passion and turn his creative talents into skills. He attended a film school for a year to grow and harness his skills as well as learn vital skills that would aid him in his personal and professional life.

In 2018, Matthew began his journey of building his career in the industry and growing his network of other professionals that share the same goals and aspirations of producing the highest quality digital media for clients around the world.

Amanda Wietecha


Amanda has been working in the film industry for for close to 4 years, but has extensive experience in both writing and producing. She has been the producer on several large scale pieces which include styles from documentaries to music videos.

During her teens, she helped assemble and direct a group of friends to produce a full-length feature film. She also worked as one of the video editors, a camera operator, as well as designed and created all of the costumes.

Her experience writing and producing several documentary style projects has helped her grow her skills to tell amazing stories to her audiences across the nation.

Leo & Gracie

Production Pups

No crew is complete without the loveable animals. Leo (right) and Gracie (left) are no exceptions!

They can often be found at Matthew’s feet while he’s working on a project late into the night. Or laying next to Amanda as she writes her latest script.

They both love running out side and, of course, love all the attention they can get. Coming up to all the visitors to the studio to make sure they get some head scratches.